smART Kit | Centurion

Placing an art line isn't a game - so why is it sometimes a scavenger hunt?


Rolled towels in a homemade kit. Searching for missing items. A stock tray with unnecessary components. These impact hospital protocols and budgets by wasting time and materials and can ultimately affect infection risk.

The Centurion smART Kit facilitates a consistent procedure that can increase throughput and help enforce sterile technique, allowing clinicians to prep the patient, place the line and secure the catheter without breaking the sterile field.

No more wasted components or homemade kits, just a smarter way to perform consistent procedures when placing a radial arterial line.

A smARTer KIT means smARTer outcomes

  • Reduced CR-BSI risk
  • Less prep time
  • Less cost


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  • Rolling towels for a full case load is time consuming
  • Centurion's exclusive adjustable armboard allows quick wrist positioning for easier insertion
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  • Many clinicians are forced to create makeshift towel drapes or skip draping altogether
  • Centurion's proprietary drape creates a maximal sterile barrier, allows swift removal and reduces the risk of accidently disrupting the line
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  • If catheter repositioning is necessary, the sterile field is frequently broken when non-sterile scissors are used to cut the guidewire from the device
  • Centurion's smART catheter includes a removable guidewire out of the device
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  • Other companies must attach their saline syringes outside the sterile tray
  • Centurion's patent pending ClearShield is the only pre-filled sterile syringe containing 0.9% saline that can be sterilized along side the other components in the disposable tray
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  • Securement inconsistencies can cause catheter movement and dislodgement, especially when the patient is transported to other units
  • SorbaView SHIELD®’s integrated stabilization device prevents catheter movement and dislodgement, decreasing infection risks and facilitating consistent protocols
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  • Extension sets are frequently handled by non-sterile personnel
  • smART Kit includes an extension set, streamlining the procedure without breaking the sterile field